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Custom Consultation

Craft Your Unique Path to Radiant Wellness

Discover the perfect blend of science, art, and personal touch with a Custom Consultation from Ariel Miller, a renowned expert in the field of far infrared energy. As the author of Infrared Illuminated: A User's Guide to the Science of Far Infrared Energy, Ariel is the lead designer of Sol Ray Jewelry and the CEO of Sol Ray Biophysics.


What to Expect

In this exclusive 15-minute consultation, for just $25, Ariel will guide you through the transformative world of far infrared energy and its potential benefits for your well-being. This session is your gateway to planning a unique, custom or personalized piece of jewelry that resonates with your energy and style. However, it can also be used to guide you in selecting one-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces from our store collection, most of which are crafted with love and precision right here in the USA.


Your Consultation Includes

- Expert guidance in designing a unique, custom or personalized piece of Sol Ray Jewelry that aligns with your lifestyle and wellness goals.

- Personalized recommendations for exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces from our store, each hand-made in the USA with meticulous attention to detail.

- A deep dive into the science of far infrared energy, and how it can be a harmonious addition to your daily life.

- Answers to all your questions about far infrared energy, its benefits, and how to maximize its effects through Sol Ray Jewelry.

- Special Bonus: To show our appreciation for your interest in Sol Ray Jewelry, the $25 consultation fee will be fully credited towards any purchase you make following your session. This consultation isn’t just informative; it’s an investment in your radiant future.


Why Wait? Seize this unique opportunity to connect directly with Ariel Miller, a pioneering voice in the world of far infrared energy. Gain expert insights, personalized advice, and embark on a journey towards crafting or selecting a piece of Sol Ray Jewelry that is as unique and radiant as you are. Book your Custom Consult today and take the first step towards a brighter, more balanced, and energetically enriched life with SolRay Jewelry.

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