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Healing Jewelry

As you are no doubt aware, people are fascinated with wearable items that promote healing. One set of widely distributed products are magnetic therapy bracelets which generate well over a billion dollars a year in revenue for manufacturers. The most common suggested healing mechanism behind magnetic jewelry is that magnets might improve blood flow in underlying tissues. My aunt, Genevieve Stebbins was Chief of Magnetics for General Electric and was considered one of the most prolific magnetic researchers in history.  She offered me the following quote based on her analysis of the entire field of magnetic therapeutics and her specific far reaching general knowledge of everything magnetic from subatomic magnetic particles to several ton high energy magnetic generators. “The actual field surrounding magnet therapy devices is far too weak and falls off with distance far too quickly to even slightly affect hemoglobin, any known blood components or blood vessels, muscle tissue, bones, or organs in any measurable manner. Wearing magnetic jewelry of any type is simply a fantasy comfort and not an actual therapy by any definition of the term.” Obviously, she was not giving out magnetic jewelry in our Christmas stockings!

The second set of products is copper bracelets and jewelry, which also generates over a billion dollars a year for manufacturers. The idea is that copper contacting the skin is a transdermal transport system for therapeutic minerals such as zinc, etc. Our SolRay™ team consists of published biochemists and psychophysicists, whom have engineered many products including hundreds of the best-selling nutritional products in the world, as well as three patented pharmaceuticals.  They have studied and created some of the first transdermal delivery systems, and believe that “there is no reliable or valid scientific or medical evidence supporting any therapeutic use of copper jewelry nor do the claims for the therapeutic modalities behind their use make any sense whatsoever. “ Obviously, no Copper Fit products going out at Christmas either.

Yet, sales of products such as magnets and copper not only sustain themselves, but they grow yearly. Whether it be the elderly suffering from arthritis or professional athletes looking for a performance edge, the use of jewelry for health and performance is seen everywhere.  People seem to have an inherent need to feel contact with something on their body that they believe to be healthful and helpful. 

SolRay™ Jewelry is the first actual jewelry product that has a serious scientific basis to it. I will stick to universally agreed-upon science to describe why the jewelry works. As everyone is aware, there are many different types of “energy,” both natural and manmade, present all around us, every day. The type, strength, and length of exposure to different types of energies all play a key role in the effect it produces on cells, organisms, animals, and humans. For example, the Electromagnetic Spectrum (ES) encompasses various frequencies and wavelengths of energy including gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared- far infrared, microwave, and radio waves. The energy produced by various aspects of the Electromagnetic Spectrum can be extremely negative, neutral, or very positive.  Everyday examples of the negative aspect of the ES are high-power electrical lines, microwaves, computers, cell phones, and underground wires and currents all emitting disruptive electromagnetic fields. On the positive side, SolRay™ Jewelry has been able to create products that emit an electro-optical frequency in the totally safe Far Infrared-Terahertz region that has been shown to stimulate many different positive outcomes in any water-containing matter, either plant or animal. 

How does this work specifically? Human tissue, animals, plants, and cells are made up primarily of water. It is commonly known that water absorbs and emits oscillations, positive or negative, that are distributed to its surroundings at faster than light speeds. This makes up what is referred to, in science, as water’s “memory.”  

So, water can both absorb or emit an oscillation, depending on the circumstance.  

First, let’s think about negative oscillations.  Negative oscillations occur and hit your body, from the moment you are born and continue as you age, dramatically accelerating over time.  These can be from many different natural and normal internal processes inherent to life, such as the consumption of oxygen and the production of free radicals.  Negative oscillations also occur from environmental toxicity, a sustained drop in blood pH, injuries, illnesses, medicines, foods, stress – you name it, living!  The most discussed source of oscillation today, however, is ES or EMF, in the press.  This is obvious from the high-tension lines that dot our power grids, to the neon Cityscapes of places like Las Vegas, to the fact that the average American household has ten ES-connected computing devices.  We have gotten used to the fact that new cars are really ES devices on wheels and that this Christmas we will be gifting toasters to the world, with more ES-emitting computing power than a desktop processor had a decade ago.  Since water absorbs all these negative oscillations, real forces, albeit invisible to the eye (it’s light energy – think microwaves or X-Ray), bombard water-containing matter inside us, creating a negative net impact on the matter.  This can result in aging, stress, anxiety, physical discomfort, long-haul symptomology, and disease.  

Fortunately, this does not always have to be the case.  Modern scientists worldwide, beginning with those at NASA, have published over 85,000 research studies demonstrating the positive effects of Far Infrared oscillations on diminishing negative physical and mental health consequences from a variety of causes including negative ES.  When we are in close to far infrared, the oscillations are absorbed by the body’s water, and healing occurs.  Quickly.  Point of fact – Far Infrared Works!  We have seen that in a variety of products from far infrared generators, FIR prenatal devices, FIR saunas, blankets, wraps, ceramic balls, and ceramic nano tiles.  Obviously, none of those mediums are well suited to beautiful gemstone jewelry.  

From these two examples, it is easy to understand that sources of negative oscillations are bad for the body and sources of positive oscillations are good for the body.

Now, here’s the key to SolRay™ Jewelry.  As positive oscillations (i.e., Far Infrared radiant energy) are exposed to water-containing matter in the body, the water can up-regulate nutrient uptake, dramatically improve microbial nourishment, provide detoxification, and enhance electron transfer functions to reduce oxidative stress in the sub-molecular realm. Laboratory and scientific studies have been performed at various institutions, validating these effects, specifically on the patented technology that forms the basis for all the SolRay™ Jewelry products. 

It's simply a matter of either generating the far infrared oscillations or being nearby a passive device that had stored infrared oscillations, like infrared blankets or far infrared crystal beads – filled with positive oscillations ready to be emitted into water containing matter, especially when activated by direct thermal energy.  In that case, the thermal energy normally emitted by your body will push through the crystals activating the far infrared oscillations, which in turn help heal you.  

The initial test for our technology began in a controlled biophysics lab, where we exposed mice to a far infrared treated liquid solution intranasally and studied asthma in a primary prevention and intention-to-treat fashion. We quickly found that markers of inflammation such as IL6 were much lower as were the eosinophil counts in the WBC of mice exposed to our treatment. There were also less mucous plugs as well as less inflammation in the cytological cross sections of lung parenchyma exposed to intranasal solutions powered by our technology.  Apparently, the technology was working as expected, at least in this arbitrary physiological test.

The next series of tests were focused on e-coli and endotoxin. A solution of natural spring water with minerals, treated with patented far infrared imprinting technology and placed in a fluid filled plastic egg-shaped container, was used to test the growth of endotoxin associated with E coli. Since glass is a reflective medium similar with water, only about twice as strong, we also studied an egg-shaped piece of glass that was treated with the technology. Both quantitative and qualitative bacteriologic studies were performed, in double blind fashion, on the growth rates of endotoxin.  Results demonstrated a marked reduction of over 30% in logarithmic growth rates of e-coli endotoxin as well as a marked decrease in endotoxin effect. Agar plating and broth techniques were used for these studies and were repeated numerous times with the same results. 

For the next series of independent laboratory studies, the same two egg devices were used. These studies measured the conversion from glycogen to sugars in fruits and vegetables. In these refractometer studies, the liquid filled device and glass device both were shown to convert glycogen to sugar more rapidly than did the untreated control fruits and vegetables, further enhancing the taste and freshness of liquid and solid solutions exposed to the technology.

strawberries fir.jpeg

The fruits on the left aged in proximity to one of our treated glass devices. The fruits on the right, aged for an equal time (4 days) under the same temperature and humidity without proximity to the technology. 

Further studies were performed looking at the organoleptic evaluation of foods exposed to the same two egg shaped devices containing the technology. Smell, texture, and visual appearances of over 30 foods were studied repeatedly with outstanding results, again, in double blinded randomized studies performed at both the university and food laboratory centers. The culmination of the inflammation studies, endotoxin studies as well the glycogen studies led to the undeniable conclusion that far infrared technology maintains the freshness, taste, and longevity of foods in both the refrigerator and pantry and positively impacts food products by retaining moisture, maintaining freshness, reducing oxidation, and extending the shelf life of foods in both the refrigerator and pantry. 

Our water imprinting technologies provide our DNA and entire microbial populations with natural harmonizing energy to create the peak environments for both to function at optimal efficiency. Microbial and organoleptic studies as well as validation studies documenting our wavelength and frequency, allow our technology to alter the environment using non-ionizing energy imprinted in both liquids and glass. SolRay™ is a complete line of jewelry, keychain and handbag charms, as well as a pet collars and charms that have been manufactured and enhanced with our technology.  

The process of water containing matter absorbing positive oscillations, changing it from a “chaotic” state to a harmonized and organized state, is not new.  Others can do it.  They just do not do jewelry.  

SolRay™ Jewelry Specifics: Any clear or lightly hued (green, blue, rose) glass or crystal bead can be imprinted over a time frame encompassing a few days to emit the positive far infrared oscillations which dramatically reduces inflammation, reduces oxidative stress and free radical damage, etc. The treated beads will stay active for a period of about two years or longer. Being close to the jewelry or handbag charms create an environment that helps turns off many destructive health processes (i.e., cellular oxidation) and helps turn on other positive ones (i.e., anti-inflammatory prostaglandin production). 

That is all very academic, right? 

Ok, now this is fun.  I have included a high powered microscopic before and after picture of the same single skin cell from the hand of a patient with arthritis.  Spoiler Alert - the after picture demonstrates the proximal emissive value of our technology proximal to the cell (a small 100-gram disc of glass treated with our technology sitting 3 mm adjacent to the cell) after only one hour! 

Without going into boring detail, in the after picture you can see how organized the cell has become in the center area (a sign of a healthy, optimal functioning cell is a highly organized, dense center structure) and you can observe the number of regenerative bodies present versus the before picture (regenerative bodies in the cell are the large discs, the more discs the more active the healing process in the cell). 

Cell Pic 2.jpg

Sample A, original. A high-powered before picture of a single hand skin cell from an arthritic patient.

Cell Pic 1.jpg

Sample B, results. A high-powered after picture of the same skin cell after being close to the technology, for only one single hour.  

By itself, even without all the larger treatment-outcome plant, animal, and even human in vivo studies, these microscopic pictures should be compelling evidence of a process of positive change from emissivity.  And it is a scientific fact, that when you heal a cell, you heal an organ, then the person, their family, neighborhood, and entire community.  

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