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Luck Bracelet

Luck Bracelet

$40.95 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

Elevate your style while embracing the benefits of modern science with our exclusive Far Infrared Emissivity Bracelets. Merging aesthetic allure with a touch of technological innovation, these bracelets are more than just a fashion statement.


Key Features:

Far Infrared Ray Technology: At the heart of each bracelet are clear beads engineered to emit far infrared rays. This advanced technology is believed to offer numerous health benefits, including improved blood circulation, enhanced metabolism, and a soothing effect on your body.


Health-Conscious Fashion: Our bracelets cater to those who seek both beauty and wellness. They are an ideal choice for the health-conscious individual, combining therapeutic benefits with elegant design.


This bracelet has five gorgeous gemstone beads and 99 additional carats of emissive far infrared glass beads.

Choose from Jade, Garnet, or Tigers Eye.

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