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Radiant Health Through Handcrafted Jewelry

SolRay far infrared emissive jewelry: where every sparkle tells a health story


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Why Choose SolRay Jewelry


The hallmark feature of SolRay™ jewelry is the integration of passive, emissive far-infrared technology. This allows the jewelry to absorb the body's thermal energy and re-emit it as health-producing far-infrared energy. Over 100,000 scientific studies demonstrate far infrared's numerous health benefits, including improved circulation, non-pharmacological pain management, and mood elevation. The biophysics of imprinting the beads with FIR energy is non-ionizing and environmentally friendly, aligning with our values of sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Hand Crafted

SolRay™ jewelry is thoughtfully designed and hand crafted in the USA using clear or AB crystal or glass beads. These beads are treated with a proprietary process that imprints them with the ability to emit health-producing portable far infrared energy. Our luxurious jewelry is designed for portability and versatility, allowing you to benefit from far infrared energy wherever you go.  Each jewelry piece expresses your personal style and preferences, including specific gemstones, metals, designs, or inscriptions that hold special significance for you.

Social Responsibility

With every SolRay™ purchase, we provide a week's worth of meals to a starving child, thanks to our esteemed partnerships with charitable organizations, such as Feed My Starving Children. Our dedication to global improvement shines beyond the luster of our jewelry, anchoring deeply in our core mission. Our biophysics journey began by harnessing far infrared's ability to curtail grocery waste—boosting shelf-life, taste, and freshness of all foods. By reducing the staggering 2.8 trillion pounds of yearly food loss, we make an ecological and human impact. Today we extend beyond simply preservation and improvement of food into enhancing the health of people and pets, paving the way for brighter, healthier futures for all.

Appeared In

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Infrared Illuminated: A User's Guide to the Science of Far Infrared Energy

SolRay Biophysics™, a women-led boutique jewelry brand, masterfully merges the elegance of handcrafted jewelry with the potent health benefits of far infrared technology. Each creation we offer is more than just a bespoke statement piece; it's a conduit to a healthier lifestyle. Drawing from an impressive 100,000+ peer-reviewed scientific studies, SolRay channels the proven advantages of far infrared for both families and their treasured pets. Our jewelry helps boost circulation, alleviate pain, uplift mood, and shield against the daily barrage of electronic radiation and detrimental effects of blue light overexposure.

Each SolRay design stems from the vision of our lead designer, Ariel Miller, author of the pioneering scientific tome, "Infrared Illuminated: A User's Guide to the Science of Far Infrared Energy." Handcrafted in the USA, SolRay offers meticulously curated boutique designs suitable for families and pets. Additionally, personalized consultations with Ariel lead to one-of-a-kind creations that resonate deeply with their wearers.


At SolRay, our jewelry transcends mere adornment, representing a holistic path towards enhanced well-being, health, and joy. Every SolRay acquisition not only elevates personal wellness but also addresses global challenges. Each purchase ensures a week's nourishment for a starving child, thanks to our esteemed partnership with charitable organizations like Feed My Starving Children.

Hardcover of Infrared Illuminated: A User's Guide to the Science of Far Infrared Energy by Ariel Miller

Schedule a Custom Design Consultation

At our jewelry store, we offer custom consultations for those interested in designing their own jewelry. Our consultations are tailored to fit each individual's needs and desires. Serious inquiries only, please. We look forward to working with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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